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Lehigh Valley
Samurai Summit

The Ultimate Weekend Training Seminar

Sunday August 5th from 10am-4pm


Jordan Park

1001 N. 6th St EXT
Whitehall, PA 18052


All Styles and Experience Welcome

Come To The Martial Arts Experience Of A Lifetime



Here's what is included with the price:
- Training in Several Samurai Arts
- 2 Slices of Pizza and bottle of 
water for Lunch
- 3 Pool noodles for those 18yrs and older to cut

Call David Nemeroff To Register or Info. On
School Owner Discounts!

Want To Experience Authentic Samurai and Jujutsu Training? Then Come Join Us For "The Samurai Summit" martial arts training seminar!  

Learn Striking Techniques From Kempo, Samurai Throwing and grappling Techniques From JuJutsu, and the Cutting, Blocking, and Disarming Techniques of the Sword (Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu).


As a bonus, you'll have a blast testing your skill with our team battlefield sword battles and learn Japanese stick fighting techniques as well conveniently located practically right in your backyard! 


All Are Welcome

Regardless Of Style Or Experience

Ages 10 Yrs Through Adults

Check Out The Schedule On The Register Page

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