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Lehigh Valley 
Samurai Summit

Martial Arts Training Event

JOrdan Park
1001. N. 6th St Ext
August 6th, 2023

Register Here

You must call 484-245-0567 to register and attend

The cost for the event is only $225. Parents of young children are free if they are only watching. We ask that parents of minors stay at the event. Call Instructor David Nemeroff to register and make payment with a credit card over the phone. Below is a list of what you should bring. 

Equipment You Should Bring:

Shinken - sharp metal sword (adults only) 

Shinai - Bamboo sword

White Oak Bokken- wooden sword

Hanbo 3' Stick

cutting materials such as bamboo rolls and/or pool noodles (3 will be provided for you for free

Uniform with belt

We do have extra Shinken (cutting swords) for people to use if you do not have your own, so don't let that stop you from coming to the amazing event!

Event Schedule




              9:45am.                  - Check In

              10:00am-12:00pm - Kempo and Jujutsu

              12:00pm-12:45pm -  Lunch

              12:45pm-1:30pm -   Sword cutting

              1:30pm-2:30pm -Samurai Battlefield Skill Game

              2:45pm-3:45pm -   Hanbo Stick fighting


(note: Schedule is subject to change)

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